firewood- compressed logs for sale

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Features :

- A mixture of wood from different species of tree
- Manufactured by a grinding, drying and compressing process
- Guaranteed without glue or additives; 100% recycled wood
- 2% Ash 8-10% Moisture, ICP equal to 4.7kw-h/kg
- Combustion time 1 to 3 hours depending on settings and appliances
- The logs are 23 to 25 cm long by 9 cm in diameter
- Boxes contain 8 Prati’Bûches logs with a weight of around 12kg
-Clean: Free from dirt, insects and fungi of all kinds
- Can be used alongside traditional wooden logs

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Delivery in departments 44, 49, 53:

79 euros (incl. tax)
Delivery in departments 22, 29, 35, 56
69 euros (incl. tax)
Delivery in departments 14, 50, 61, 72, 85
89 euros (incl. tax)

Packaging :

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Precautions :

Do not use more than 2 logs at the same time for risk of over heating

How to Use :

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