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    Today Prati'bûches has established itself as a key player in the Greater West region of France for firewood, leading with its innovative Prati’Bûches compressed wood logs.
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    This firewood is made solely with wood, without any additives or chemical elements added to it. It therefore contributes to sustainable development, thanks to the lack of raw materials used. This eco firewood is made without the cutting down of a single tree.

    The clean sawdust - that is to say ‘untreated’ sawdust - is dried, refined and then sent to be pressed into logs or granules. Cooled and conditioned, the wood fuel is then ready to be used.

    The compressed wood is an ecological and economical fuel type. This compressed wood is presented in the form of logs of wood granules and is made using industrial and logging by-products.
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    Our heating products are equally available in a number of supermarkets. To find the reseller closest to you do not hesitate to check our retailers section. 
Buy compressed wooden logs                                                              Compressed wood delivery to the Paris Region

For many years now, wood heating has been back on the scene. The advantages of wood are plenty: simplicity, economy and respect to the environment, Prati'bûches have created a whole range of products specially designed to make wood heating even more beneficial and efficient: compressed wood fuel.

The firewood of Prati’bûches really is more simple than traditional household heating, thanks to its dense and dry composition. It is an eco-fuel source that presents itself in the form of compressed wood logs or granules, made from the by-products of the timber industry (sawdust, shavings, bark, wood waste etc.).

The firewood producer Prati'bûches invites you to try Prati'bûches the new generation of compressed logs. Learn more about this new product here.

Reduce your heating costs by investing in quality firewood. Try compressed Prati’bûches compressed eco logs, pick them up from the closest retailer to your house and forget all the problems and hassle of traditional firewood!
To try this new generation of compressed wood, find out more about the heating product of pratibuches.