How do you use compressed wood logs?

Using Prati'bûches compressed firewood is very simple. Follow the steps provided for your product of choice: classic compressed eco logs, long-lasting compressed eco logs or firelighters.

Prati'bûches logs manufactured

Usage method of Prati'bûches classic compressed eco logs. Follow the steps shown below:

use compressed wood logs


Usage method of Prati'bûches long-lasting compressed eco logs. Follow the steps shown below:

how to use compressed wood


Usage method of Prati'bûches firelighters:

How to use firelighters

compressed wooden logs: be green!

Compressed logs

The compressed firewood of Prati’Bûches brings heat to your interior in a way that respects the environment! There are a number of positive qualities for logs made of compressed wood: The eco fuel logs have excellent calorie content, they produce real flame just like regular wood and the compressed wood logs are far more clean and dry.

These eco heating logs guarantee you a dry wood with less than 10% humidity and burn for up to 4 hours. The Prati’Bûches compressed wood logs are guaranteed to be 100% natural and consistently heat your home: there is no loss of heat like with traditional wood. Heat your home and respect the environment: A new generation of firewood!
Firewood pellets: Instant heat
Prati' bûches would like to offer you a new high power fuel - Firewood pellets!  Made from sawdust and shavings from coniferous trees, after being collected these natural resources are ground down before being dried and compressed into pellets without the use of any additives of glue. Keep yourself warm economically with Prati’bûches firewood pellets as 2kg of these magic pellets are the equivalent to 1 litre of fuel oil!

Nowadays boilers fueled by wooden pellets off the same comfort and warmth as boilers which use other, more expensive fuels, such as gas or oil. Use these wood pellets for your stove, fireplace or boiler without worrying about the damage you are causing to the environment as this fuel is made entirely of wood! The pellets are fragile and it is important to make sure that when transported and stored they avoid contact with any moisture and do no suffer heavy shock. This is why Prati' bûches deliver these wooden pellets with the greatest care directly to your door.