Prati’bûches compressed eco logs: The modern way of heating your home!

The compressed firewood of Prati’Bûches is a brand new concept for heating the inside of your house! The logs are prepared and ready for household use. This compacted wood allows you to benefit from all of the advantages and comfort of classic logs. At the same time you can forget about the downsides of traditional heating!

These eco logs are 100% wood without any additives. They are integral contributors to sustainable development thanks to the promotion of clean materials collected from professionals in the timber industry. Not a single tree was cut down for the creation of Prati’Bûches, the new generation of firewood!
Prati'bûches logs
  • Firewood without imperfections: Prati’Bûches is a practical product

    Try the classic compressed log
    The compressed firewood logs of Prati’Bûches are ready to use. These eco logs are without bark and produce less ash during combustion. Thanks to this new firewood, you no longer need to make a chore out of making a fire like before. Its increased calorific content means you will have less dirt on your windows and air ducts.

    The Prati’Bûches wood fuel logs are composed of well dried wood, having a low humidity of between 8-10%. This better facilitates the lighting of your fire. The compressed logs can be lit with the aid of wood kindling, paper balls or equally the fire-lighters of Prati’Bûches itself.

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  • Heating that respects the environment: Prati’Bûches logs are an ecological product

    Eco flame
    The firewood of Prati’Bûches is an exceedingly ecological product.

    100% wood and fabricated without glue or any other additives, they use clean untreated materials. Heating using compressed wooden logs emits less CO2 than fossil fuels.

    Use Prati’Bûches for your stove, fireplace, AGA or boiler without worrying about the effect on the environment, you can rest assured that this firewood protects it!

    Assure yourself of the ecological nature of Prati’Bûches compressed wood and read about its features.
  • Profitable firewood: Prati’Bûches is an economic product

    Save money with eco wooden logs
    The compacted wood logs of Prati’Bûches benefit from an increased calorific content. They burn less quickly than wood that we have used up until today.

    In effect, thanks to their energy efficiency, almost 4 times superior to that of traditional wood, the logs of Prati’Bûches allow you to make a considerable economic saving.

    In using these innovating logs you quarter the amount of stock you need to keep to hand, thanks to their intelligent composition.

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  • Firewood for all the family: Prati’Bûches is a user-friendly product

    Firewood for the whole family
    The compressed logs of Prati’Bûches allow you to enjoy warm moments by the fireside.

    This eco wood fuel will provide you with much desired comfort on those frosty winter evenings.

    The energy given off by the long-lasting logs of Prati’Bûches is intense and the combustion is slow. Thanks to these logs of compressed wood, finished are the wooden residues and wood dust that scatter themselves around your home!

    In order to convince you that this new generation of firewood is a product for the whole family, we invite you to read our presentation on compressed wood logs.

How do you light a fire with Prati’Bûches?                                   

To get your fire started, use the firelighters of Prati’Bûches. Not only are they composed of natural products that respect the environment, they are of no risk to your heating facilities. Light your fire with ease and rapidity with Prati’Bûches firelighters!
These firelighters composed of shredded wood crates coated in vegetable wax will offer practically instant combustion. What better way to start a fire?

Benefit from real quality at the best price. Prati' bûches offer you high quality firewood that you can order with just a few clicks on the internet.