Compressed logs : The new way of heating !

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Monday 6 January 2014
Compressed wood eco logs are made from dried and compacted sawdust. Made exclusively from wood shavings, resin dust and hardwood, Prati’Bûches logs offer you an excellent calorie content. What is a calorie content? Before choosing the firewood to buy, there are many factors to consider in terms of calorie content and cost. Keep in mind that the calorie content of a combustible is the amount of heat, measured in kilo calories (Kcal), given off by one kilogram of fuel (Kcal/kg).

Be careful in buying compressed wood as it can be difficult to find high quality wood fuel of this type today. Why? Because there are few quality manufacturers like HD services. Also, the mark of quality is the result of a lot of effort: The drier the wood you buy, the more expensive it is as the producer has had to store it longer before selling it!

Compressed wood logs produce real flame just like traditional firewood and you can expect the same warm evenings by the fire. Simplify your life in passing over to this new eco energy! It is up to you to test the compressed logs of Prati’Bûches in your house!