Usage of our compressed logs

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Wednesday 16 January 2013
The compressed logs of Prati’Bûches are meant for burning in stoves, wood ovens, fireplaces or boilers.
Don’t use the long lasting Prati’Bûches logs constantly, always alternate them with the classic Prati’Bûches logs.

Our compressed eco logs are high performance and emit a lot of heat, so to avoid the risk of overheating never overload your heating apparatus: Do not put in more than 3 long lasting logs at a time.

The Prati’Bûches compressed wood eco logs are low in humidity, we recommend to clients to keep the product in its original packaging and store it in a dry cool place. The recommended use by date of the Prati’Bûches firewood when kept in good storage conditions is 1 year. If the logs absorb moisture, the heating power could be altered and affected.