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Prati’Bûches logs, long-lasting firewood

A new type of long-lasting firewood has arrived on the scene, long-lasting Prati’Bûches logs. This eco firewood is made from compressed wood. These compressed logs made out of recycled materials, allow you to heat your home in a simple and economic way. This eco fuel burns for longer than a normal log providing better value for money. 
With Prati’Buches logs you save money and wood whilst helping to protect the environment. This firewood is made in France and respects the regulations of sustainable development. The compressed wooden log is untreated and 100% natural. Prati’Bûches logs are made of recycled wood shavings, cutting and sawdust. Prati’Bûches logs are ecological, economic and practical, compressed Prati’Bûches logs are a must have for everyone!