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Prati'bûches Firewood

Discover the future of firewoodEco logs made of compressed wood.

These pioneering compressed wood logs from Prati’Bûches are not only innovative but will also simplify your life. Practical, economical, ecological and reliable, HD Services offers you the new generation of firewood. Forget all the inconveniences of traditional wood and move on to eco logs: the Prati’Bûches compressed wood logs. Available in many forms you will inevitably find the Prati’Bûches product that suits your needs.
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Firewood made from compressed wood

A new type of firewood has arrived on the scene thanks to the company HD Services. This new eco wood fuel, Prati’Buches firewood, is made from compressed wood. These compressed logs allow you to heat your home in a simple and economic way allowing you to create your very own eco fire. This eco fuel burns longer than a normal log providing better value for money. With Prati’Buches logs you save money and wood whilst participating in the protection of the environment.

Buying compressed firewood

Firewood from BrittanyCompressed Prati’Buches logs are an innovative concept which heats the inside of your home! They are prepared and ready for use. This French-made firewood fully complies with environmental law. The eco logs are non-treated and 100% natural. Its production is the result of recovered timber waste. Prati’Buches logs are made up of previously recycled shavings, cuttings and sawdust. Ecological, economical and practical, Prati’Buches firewood really is a must have necessity to create your eco fire! 
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